Corporate Social Responsibility

We manage our resources responsibly so that we contribute to social, economic and environmental development

Committed to the world around us

Code of Conduct

The Haya Real Estate Code of Conduct contains our commitment to ethical business principles and transparency in all areas of activity. It establishes a set of principles and guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible behaviour on the part of all our employees in the course of their professional activities.

  • Corporate values
  • Ethical standards of behaviour

Corporate values

  • We put our clients’ interests before our own interests
  • Totally ethical
  • Self-disciplined
  • Responsive
  • Committed
  • Rigorous
  • Well-organised

Ethical standards of behaviour

  • Respect for the law
  • Respect for human rights
  • Respect for employment rights
  • Respect for the environment
  • Integrity, objectivity and monitoring/preventing potential conflicts of interest
  • Financial transparency and information
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At Haya we believe that a business is the sum of all the people who are a part of it. That’s why we’ve developed a Corporate Social Responsibility plan that specifically addresses Human Resources.

  • Haya Real Estate’s Equality Policy
  • Social Responsibility in Human Resources

Haya Real Estate’s Equality Policy

Code of conduct for recruitment and professional development:

This is designed to ensure that Haya Real Estate’s recruitment processes are based on objective procedures and policies that focus on competences, skills and suitability for the job

The company’s recruitment processes ensure that gender-neutral language is used in advertisements and offers, and on forms and in applications.

Anti-harassment and bullying policy:

The aim of the policy is to ensure that, regardless of people’s roles in the company, relations between Haya Real Estate’s employees are governed by the guiding principles of respect for individuals and for the law, honesty, integrity, lifelong learning and adding value to Haya Real Estate. This is a shared initiative that requires cooperation and team spirit, as reflected in our Code of Ethics.

The policy sets out the procedure for reporting and preventing undesirable behaviour involving harassment or bullying.

Social Responsibility in Human Resources

Working hours and encouraging a work/life balance:

Haya Real Estate’s overall working hours allow for flexible start and finish times and reduced hours over the summer. There are also specific flexible working provisions for employees with children aged under 14, children aged under eight and other family dependants.

Employee benefits:

Medical insurance: private medical cover for all employees.

Flexible remuneration: a flexible remuneration plan allows employees to choose between different benefits (meals, season tickets, childcare and medical insurance for family members).

Company insurance scheme: this includes pension contributions and life assurance that provides death and invalidity cover.

The “Haya and You” Programme

This programme provides staff benefits and promotes joint initiatives with employees. There are four strands, reflecting our corporate values:

The “Take the Initiative” programme fosters cooperation on personal development.

The “Haya Sponsor” programme promotes social activities to encourage employees to get together outside work.

In the “Haya Community” programme employees organise activities that benefit the community or involve collaborative initiatives.

The “Haya Discounts” programme offers employees discounts on various activities and services.

A job against violence"

We collaborate with the Adecco Foundation preparing the "A job against violence" Guide (Spanish version) and Report (Spanish version). Haya Real Estate maintains a firm commitment to equality between men and women, establishing a protocol to guarantee that there are no connotations of gender in any of our processes.

Our support for this Report and Guide constitutes our collaboration on the path to full equality. This equality can never be achieved as long as violence against women persists. For this reason, we consider that is essential our activity raising awareness and reinforing the importance of employment as an indisputable tool for the support for victims and the definitive eradication of gender violence.

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Haya seeks to raise awareness of climate change at a global level while working at a local level to minimise the impact of our daily activities on the environment.

  • Energy audit
  • Recycling paper, batteries and computer equipment
  • Recycling computer consumables

Energy Audit:

Haya Real Estate commissioned an energy audit of its premises. The audit was performed by Tinsa Certify and was signed off on 11 November 2016.

Recycling paper, batteries and computer equipment:

Haya Real Estate ensures its waste is processed responsibly, using a supplier who meets the highest standards of confidentiality.

Recycling computer consumables:

Haya Real Estate has signed a contract with Lasercart, which is a Special Employment Centre that works to facilitate employment opportunities for people with disabilities and those at risk of social exclusion; 90% of its workforce have some form of disability. Within Haya, Lasercart operates the ECOINTEGRA project, where our contribution centres on creating employment and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Charity initiatives

  • Nueva Opción
  • Soles de África/The International Help Alliance
  • El sueño de Vicky
  • TetraSport
  • II Inclusive Solidary Football Tournament of the real estate sector

Nueva Opción:

We work with an NGO based in Valencia called Nueva Opción (“New Option”), for people affected by acquired brain injury. Haya’s involvement with the organisation involves three initiatives:

  • Volunteering on National Acquired Brain Injury Day.
  • Long-term volunteering on the NGO’s projects and initiatives.
  • As part of its “Haya Community” programme, Haya has pledged to double donations made by all our staff to projects run by Nueva Opción

Soles de África/The International Help Alliance:

Soles De África (“Suns of Africa”) is dedicated to saving newborn babies and infants abandoned on rubbish tips on the outskirts of towns and cities in Africa. Its aim is to build homes that provide these children with shelter, love, food, healthcare and education, giving them a secure future and a loving environment.

The donations from Haya and our staff went towards building a home in Kitengela, some 70 kilometres south of Nairobi, where the money was used to build a well.

El sueño de Vicky:

El sueño de Vicky (“Vicky’s Dream”) is a not-for-profit organisation that raises money to fund research projects into child cancer.
As part of its “Haya Community” programme, Haya pledged to double donations from all employees.
We have worked with the organisation on various initiatives:

  • Charity crowdfunding
  • A gala event to present El sueño de Vicky
  • The “Vicky’s Universe” digital platform
  • The El sueño de Vicky charity run


The TetraSport organisation promotes the benefits of regular physical exercise for severely disabled people, enabling them to live as full a life as possible. The organisation uses a range of different approaches to make physical disability less and less of an obstacle to taking part in sport.
Haya RE has worked with TetraSport in four ways:

  • By volunteering on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • By working on projects and initiatives run by TetraSport
  • By donating to TetraSport’s projects; as with other initiatives, Haya pledged to double donations from all staff
  • And finally, by offering the chance to get involved as members of the TetraSport organisation

II Inclusive Solidary Football Tournament of the real estate sector

Participation in the event, organized by Fundación Vía Célere, ASPRIMA and Down Madrid, which brought together 21 companies from the sector in order to compete with each other and raise funds for sports programs in Down Madrid. As a result of the event, more than € 21,000 were raised. In addition, each companies’ team had a player with Down Syndrome, which made the tournament an inclusive day in which the entire sector came together in favour of the integration in society of people with intellectual disabilities.


Haya Real Estate has participated in the Oxfam Trailwalker in Madrid, the only ultratrail with triple motivation: personal challenge, team challenge and the great challenge of ending world hunger.

The Haya Running team participated in this challenge and won the 50-kilometer race, after more than 6 hours running through the Lozoya Valley. Our partners, in addition to participating in a charity that seeks to eradicate the lack of access to water, which makes millions of people live in poverty and thousands of women and girls have to walk many kilometers every day to fetch water , they managed to raise funds for the cause.

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