Haya Real Estate

We are the Spanish market leader in the management of real estate debt and property assets

Who are we?

Haya Real Estate is the Spanish market leader in the management of real estate debt and property assets, providing a comprehensive 360º asset management service covering the entire process, from when the debt is first generated right through to the marketing of the properties. We oversee the largest portfolio of RED properties in the whole of Spain and we market over 15,000 properties a year through our property portal, haya.es, and through an extensive commercial network that covers the whole country. We also manage large real estate asset portfolios and are experts in leasing REO properties and social housing.

Our Advisory Department analyses business opportunities and advises clients where to invest. We have a team of experts in asset and portfolio valuation, market research and business plans to ensure profitable investments.

By creating asset-backed securities we are able to access new sources of finance, designing customised products and structures to meet the needs of each individual business or project.

Mission, vision and values

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We are the leading provider of real estate debt management and property services in Spain, confirming our position as a benchmark for the sector.

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Our priority is to meet our clients’ needs, which we do by offering them:

  • Rigour and results
  • Transparency and equal treatment
  • Excellence and professionalism
  • Commitment, trust and honesty
  • Reliability

Rigour and results

We are committed to rigorous working methods that get results, so that we achieve our clients’ objectives.

Transparency and equal treatment

These are fundamental to everything we do and are essential in gaining the trust of our clients.

Excellence and professionalism

To ensure we meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Commitment, trust and honesty

It’s our firm belief that painstaking attention to every detail is the key to providing total reliability.


In everything we do we aim to build our clients’ trust in us and show them that they can rely on us, because the service we offer them is both honest and rigorous.

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We are client-focused and behave in an ethical and socially responsible way.

  • Client-focused
  • Ethical
  • Self-disciplined
  • Responsive
  • Committed
  • Rigorous
  • Well-organised


We always aim to provide the best possible service. We keep our word, and client satisfaction is our number one priority. Being client-focused is not simply an aspiration: it’s a core value for everyone who works at Haya and for the organisation as a whole.


We behave in an ethical and socially responsible way, and we believe this is part of the role and duty of private sector organisations in contributing to social development and progress. It means respecting the legitimate rights of every individual and organisation we work with, as well as the rights of society as a whole.


All our employees must demonstrate self-discipline in the way they behave and in the decisions they take in the course of their work.


Care and professionalism are the cornerstone of our relationships with our clients. We offer a high-quality, efficient and prompt service, and we build close working relationships that enable us to understand, anticipate and meet our clients’ needs.


Dedication, involvement and commitment are the hallmarks of Haya’s employees.


Our professional staff are rigorous in their approach, and their decisions are based on professional judgement. They are objective, painstaking, reliable and efficient.


At Haya, good organisation is central to providing an efficient and high-quality service that demands effective coordination between a large number of different units, departments and activities. Complying with established procedures and improving standard processes are key elements of day-to-day business at Haya.

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Haya Real Estate Milestones

  • 2013

    Servicing for Bankia (now Caixabank Group)

  • 2014

    Servicing for Cajamar + Portfolio management for Sareb

  • 2015

    Ahorro y Titulización ABS management

  • 2016

    Haya Property Management and Haya Online

  • 2017

    Servicing for Liberbank (now Unicaja Banco)

  • 2018

    Novation of the contract of Serving for Bankia (now Caixabank Group)

  • 2019

    Management of Divarian´s real estate assets portfolio and BBVA´s current REO stock in Spain and future flow + Management of Sareb’s Esparta process

  • 2020

    Contract for the management of Sareb’s rental portfolio

Group Businesses

Haya Titulización

Securitisation is a technique that enables a set of financial assets to be repackaged as liquid, negotiable instruments with given cash flows, thereby providing a new source of alternative funding.

Haya Titulización is the leading manager in the securitisation market, having launched securitisation issues backed by total assets in excess of €200 billion. Our strategy is based on knowledge, experience and innovation, enabling us to create products and structures that break new ground in the sector.

The range of financial assets that can be securitised is very broad and includes mortgages, consumer loans, credit cards, SME finance and future credit rights (such as royalties or rents, for example).

Haya offers a comprehensive service that includes and expands on the stages involved in the standard securitisation process:

Creation and management of the fund

We add value in order to achieve objectives

  • Integrated advice service for the issuer.
  • Portfolio definition and design of the financial and legal structure.
  • Selection and coordination of participating entities.
  • Discussions with rating agencies, regulators, auditors, etc.
  • Coordination of the placement and sales process.
  • Management and administration of the securitisation fund.

Administration of securitised loans

Managed through our core banking system

  • Retail banking operations.
  • Technical cover for a wide range of financial instruments.
  • Collections and payments.
  • Accounting systems.
  • Electronic banking.
  • Fully audited in accordance with Spanish auditing standards.

Management and marketing of REO properties

Managed through a Real Estate Management System

  • Management of assets from possession through to sale.
  • Support for the entire commercial network (intermediaries, offices, suppliers, etc.).
  • Tasks include preparing the asset, overseeing work, invoicing, advertising and managing residents’ associations.
  • CRM that includes for each asset: visits, calls, offers, reservations and sales.
  • Fully integrated with our core banking system.
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