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Management and commercialisation of real estate assets

We offer the most advanced asset management and commercialisation platform in the industry to our clients, with one of the shortest sales cycles in Spain.

We place a stake on innovation in marketing campaigns, taking as a basis a multi-channel strategy that balances a broad web presence, use of traditional channels and great capillarity of the sales network throughout the country.

Haya Real Estate - Gestión y comercialización de activos inmobiliarios

Restructuring and commercialisation of assets

We generate value with efficient processes.

Legal restructuring

Involves the registration of the title, the asset repossession and the required administrative processes

Technical restructuring

Includes all those adaptations necessary to put the asset up for sale or rent


Covers the whole cycles of the property

Sales strength and multi-channel strategy

Broad sales network with capillarity all over SpainFocus on online campaigns
New improved website. 1.1 million single visitors per month.Next generation call centre
Institutional sales. Presence in Madrid, Catalonia and Levante.

Servicios complementarios a la venta

  • Haya sales with grace period: we negotiate with the debtor to put their assets up for sale, thus delivering a faster divestment solution for our clients.
  • Management of squatters: we manage the legal process to recover possession.
  • Speed to take possession: we minimise repossession lead times, while detecting cases of vulnerability quickly.
  • Technical centre: management and coordination of technical suppliers.