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Our proprietary appraisal platform and the specialised database allow us to add value to each operation and ensure the optimisation of investments.

Haya Real Estate - Gestión y comercialización de activos inmobiliarios

Valuation & Underwriting

  • Appraisal service of real estate assets adapted to different assets typologies and purposes.
  • Assitance in assets' acquisition projects covering the entire process until the determination of the final price.


  • Analytics team is dedicated to extract value from real management experience.
  • The advisory’s market research workstream focuses on enriching underwriting processes with the highest level of penetration to local markets.
  • For that, we produce recurrent market reports on a nation wide or local level which touching on Macroeconomic variables as well as micro. Real Estate focus is the main driver of our analysis and typically covers transaction volumes, prices, retail financing markets, etc.


  1. RAM is a proprietary software aimed to provide a standardized valuation environment to allow common treatment of data and control over valuations delivered. Also, it provides different functionalities such as an AVM.
  2. RAM uses a valuation methodology to ensure process efficiency, consistency and traceability.
  3. Supported by and in-house database, the platform provides common GIS interface for data analytics and market analysis functions.
  4. Highlight features included in RAM:
    • Automatic valuation using sales, listings and micro location market characteristics.
    • In-house actual transaction database, listing prices, and town metrics feeding other decision support during underwriting process.
    • Liquidity scoring based on macro and real estate variables which is produced at the lowest level of administrative distribution of territory.