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Notice to the holders of €250,000,000 5.25% Senior Secured Notes due 2022 and €225,000,000 Floating Rate Senior Secured Notes due 2022 (“the Notes”)
(Fixed Rate Notes Regulation S: ISIN XS1716821779, Common Code 171682177; Rule 144A: ISIN XS1716821340, Common Code 171682134; and Floating Rate Notes Regulation S: ISIN XS1716822231, Common Code 171682223; Rule 144A: ISIN XS1716821936, Common Code 171682193 of Haya Real Estate, S.A. (the “Issuer”)

Haya Real Estate announces its intention to launch a labour restructuring process

Madrid, April 7th, 2022. Haya Real Estate (“Haya”), the Spanish servicer of secured debt and real estate assets, has announced its intention to launch a labour restructuring process.

In December, the company received a formal notice from Unicaja communicating the termination of its servicing contract which will be effective in June 2022 according to contractual terms and, recently, Sareb has announced that the Company has not been selected to be one of its service providers under the existing tender process and thus, the current contract with Sareb will not be extended or replaced.

Consequently, Company ́s structure and workforce will need to be adapted to the new challenging situation of the servicing market, while continuing to provide high-quality service to its clients and keep looking for new business opportunities in the market.

The collective dismissal process responds, as established in the Spanish labour regulations, to organizational and productive causes.

The company will begin formal talks with the unions in the coming days with the aim of reaching the best outcome for all parties.

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