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Haya Titulización and BEKA Finance have conducted their first transaction by using the Debitos platform

  • The asset securitisation fund AyT Hipotecario Mixto III has been marketed through the Debitos fintech platform for a total amount of EUR 2,860,000.
  • It corresponds to a portfolio made up of mortgage bonds and certificates from Credifimo, which are associated with residential-backed bad mortgage loans.

Haya Titulización, Securitisation Fund Management Company, and BEKA Finance, an investment banking services and securities firm, have just conducted the first sale of illiquid assets through the Debitos fintech platform. Haya Real Estate («Haya»), Spanish company leader in management of secured credit and real estate assets, has advised Haya Titulización on the divestment process regarding said portfolio.

The transfer of the asset securitisation fund, AyT Hipotecario Mixto III, FTA managed and supported by Haya Titulización, was implemented last 24 October through this fintech platform, specialised in the marketing of bad credits, for a total amount of EUR 2,860,000.

The portfolio subject to transfer by the fund AyT Hipotecario Mixto III, FTA was made up of mortgage bonds and certificates issued by Credifimo, and associated with residential-backed bad mortgage loans.

This operation is part of the strategic alliance between Haya and Debitos pursuant to which Haya and its group of companies will have access to the Debitos technological platform for the commercialisation of bad credit portfolios, which is exclusively commercialised by BEKA Finance in Spain.

About Haya Real Estate

Haya is one of the leading company in the management of Non-Performing Loans and Real Estate Owned assets (NPLs and REOs, respectively) in Spain. The company manages assets as well as financial and real estate vehicles for a wide variety of clients, from financial institutions to international investors. In total, Haya is responsible for €26.1 billion of AuMs (Assets under Management) as of June 2022.

Haya offers products and services covering the entire value chain of NPLs and REOs. Its NPL services focus on the management of corporate or individuals’ debt, with a high degree of specialization in the valuation, management and recovery of loans and the conversion of non-performing loans into real estate owned assets. Real estate services are delivered to a portfolio of ~163,000 assets, and they range from asset boarding, property management, maintenance and valuation to its commercialization. Haya's services are fully integrated into the lifecycle of each NPL / REO, and also involve portfolio advisory and underwriting capabilities, rental management, land management, completion of works in progress.

Haya’s main clients include financial institutions such as BBVA, Caixabank, Cajamar, and international investment funds such as Cerberus Capital Management. The company employs ~661 professionals, featuring an extensive sales network that covers the entire Spanish geography. Haya has invested in cutting-edge technology, data analysis and IT tools focused on industrialization, process efficiency and performance delivery which are key to deal with current market environment.

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