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Haya Real Estate and BEKA Finance reach an agreement for the sale of loan portfolios

  • HAYA RE will use Debitos, a pan-European fintech platform exclusively commercialised by BEKA Finance in Spain and Portugal for the sale of liquid assets.
  • The cutting-edge technology of Debitos platform will allow HAYA RE to diversify its customer portfolio and will enhance its position as a benchmark for the Spanish credit management market.
  • HAYA RE will preferably offer specialized servicing services to funds using Debitos platform: management, administration and marketing of its credit and real estate assets.

Madrid, 5 June 2018. HAYA Real Estate (HAYA RE), Spanish company leader in management of secured credit and real estate assets, has signed a collaboration agreement with BEKA Finance, an investment banking services and securities firm, specialized in offering structural funding to medium and large enterprises.

Through this alliance, HAYA RE will have access to Debitos technological platform for the commercialisation of NPL credit portfolios. As a result, HAYA RE will be able to reach a large number of European institutional investors for the sale of their assets.

Furthermore, the agreement will allow HAYA RE to expand its specialized servicing services that HAYA RE provides to those national and international clients using Debitos platform for the acquisition of secured assets. In particular, the management, administration, and marketing of their real estate or credit assets.

Thanks to this alliance, HAYA RE -that focuses on providing a comprehensive 360º asset management service to its clients-, reinforces its seamless secured debt management service. Within this line of business, the company comprehensively manages the debt of both developers and individuals.

BEKA Finance is betting on strengthening the illiquid debt market through Debitos, the first fintech platform specialised in the commercialisation of bad loans at international level. Through this platform, founded in 2013, more than 240 illiquid asset sales transactions have been performed, with a nominal value of €6,700 million. Since its establishment, the entity has cooperated with more than 1,250 selling entities and is supported by an investor base comprising more than 500 qualified investors duly registered on the platform.

In the opinion of Carlos Abad, CEO of HARA RE: “We are very excited about this collaboration with BEKA Finance. The agreement will allow us to further complete the array of services we provide to our clients, as well as to help us reach new market ‘niches’ and clients. In recent years, we have been consolidating the ongoing expansion of our business, thanks to services based on the highest standards of quality and excellence”.

In the opinion of Carlos Stilianopoulos, CEO of BEKA Finance: “Debitos is an excellent transactional area that allows a quick and efficient way to obtain liquidity. Through this platform, entities such as HAYA RE, can commercialise their illiquid debt assets by using an effective online bid method that significantly reduces transaction time and provides greater transparency in the setting of prices.