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Liberbank and Haya Real Estate launch the Winter Campaign, with discounts of up to 70 percent in more than 1,400 properties

  • Those interested can obtain finance of up to 100 per cent, plus all the expenses derived from the purchase and mortgage, in addition to the furniture with up to another 5,000 euros
  • The new campaign has a wide selection of homes, garages and storerooms, commercial premises and industrial warehouses
  • The offer includes more than 975 properties which are located in Castilla- La Mancha and more than 130 in Extremadura

Liberbank and Haya Real Estate have launched the “Winter Campaign”, a selection of more than 1,400 properties to sell with discounts of up to 70 percent. In addition, those interested can benefit from finance of up to 100 per cent of the value of the home, plus all the expenses derived from the purchase and mortgage, in addition to the furniture with up to another 5,000 euros. This new campaign offer a wide selection of homes, garage and storerooms, in addition to commercial premises and industrial warehouses.

The properties selected for this campaign are located mainly in the provincial capitals, commuter towns and small villages. The offer is concentrated on residential buildings, as 53% of the offer is for housing.

The commercial offer of properties, called “Winter Campaign”, will maintain the current discounts on prices up to 30 April.

Most of the properties are concentrated in Castilla – La Mancha, with more than 975 properties in campaign, while in Extemadura we have more than 130.

Real estate offers

Of the offer of homes in Castilla – La Mancha, more than 620 units are located in the province of Toledo; more than 150 in Ciudad Real and more than 110 in Albacete. They are followed by Cuenca and Guadalajara, with more than 75 and 15 properties selected, respectively.

The offer in Extremadura has more than 130 properties, of which more than 80 are concentrated in the province of Cáceres, followed by Badajoz with more than 50 units in campaign.

The page has information on the basic characteristics of all the properties included in the campaign: photos, location, square metres, prices, etc.

The interested party may request additional information or require a visit to the property in any of the offices of the network of Liberbank branches, from the Haya website, by phone 901 11 77 88, or at the offices of Haya Real Estate.

About Haya Real Estate

Haya is the leading company in the management of Non-Performing Loans and Real Estate Owned assets (NPLs and REOs, respectively) in Spain. The company manages assets as well as financial and real estate vehicles for a wide variety of clients, from financial institutions to international investors. In total, Haya is responsible for €31.8 billion of AuMs (Assets under Management).

Haya offers products and services covering the entire value chain of NPLs and REOs. Its NPL services focus on the management of corporate or individuals’ debt, with a high degree of specialization in the valuation, management and recovery of loans and the conversion of non-performing loans into real estate owned assets. Real estate services are delivered to a portfolio of ~189,000 assets under management, and they range from asset boarding, property management, maintenance and valuation to its commercialization. Haya's services are fully integrated into the lifecycle of each NPL / REO, and also involve portfolio advisory, underwriting capabilities, land management, completion of works in progress and securitization.

Haya’s main clients include financial institutions such as BBVA, Caixabank (former Bankia), Cajamar, Liberbank, Sareb and international investment funds such as Cerberus Capital Management. The company employs ~863 professionals, featuring an extensive sales network that covers the entire Spanish geography. Haya has invested ~€63 million euros in cutting-edge technology, data analysis and IT tools focused in process efficiency and performance delivery.

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