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Haya Real Estate renews the AENOR quality certificate for its real estate and financial assets

  • The certificate covers the company's main businesses across its entire office network.
  • The entity thus confirms its commitment to continuous improvement and the development of its quality management system to meet the most demanding standards.

Madrid, 30 April 2018. HAYA Real Estate (HAYA RE), a leading Spanish company in secured credit and real estate asset management services, has renewed the ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate awarded by Aenor, thus ratifying its high quality standards.

After adapting to the new update of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard set by the association, HAYA RE has renewed the certificate for all its offices and business centres in Spain. The certificate also covers the company's two main businesses: the management and commercialisation of real estate assets and promoter credit debt management and recovery processes.

Based on the international ISO 9001 standard, the certificate is the most widely used quality management tool in the world. It shows that HAYA RE complies with the requirements of the standard and has a quality management system based on continuous improvement.

The certificate focuses on the ability of the company's management system to meet requirements, achieve results as expected and comply with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. It also highlights the company's strengths, which, according to the Association, include the identification of risks and opportunities, integral change management and the analysis of context and stakeholders for HAYA RE’s Strategic Plan.

Aenor has also underlined the training programme implemented under the title of Generate change: the great leap, which has involved the entire company in the promotion of innovation and a proactive approach; the action forms part of the organisation's targets.

Fernando Alves, Director of the Quality Team, emphasises that, "Haya RE has held the AENOR quality certificate from the beginning; we have renewed it successfully this year and we are very pleased to receive this recognition year after year. It confirms our place at the fore and shows we can meet our customers' demands."

For Sebastian Hormaeche, Chief Data Officer and Director of Processes and Data Quality at HAYA, "In a business like ours, quality in processes, operations and data differentiates the leaders from the followers. From the beginning, Haya Real Estate has viewed excellence as a key differentiating factor in the sector when providing customers with the best possible service."

He went on to say that, "Our spirit of continuous improvement is demonstrated by maintaining the highest quality while we continue to innovate. We are applying Lean philosophies to all our processes and leading the organisation's culture towards the highest quality in data and systems and zero tolerance in errors. All this is achieved with the highest-quality technological tools, compliance with the highest standards of efficiency and transparency for a better customer experience."