Issue of debt and ratings

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Issuance of debt

On 15 November, Haya Finance 2017, S.A. issued 475 million euros in High Yield bonds with a maturity of 5 years.

This issue gives it a stable and flexible capital structure to tackle future growth initiatives.

These titles include a fixed rate tranche and variable rate tranche.

 Fixed NotesFloating Rate Notes
IssuerFixed Notes & Floating Rate Notes: Haya Finance 2017
Issue dateFixed Notes & Floating Rate Notes: 15/11/17
AmountFixed Notes: 250.000.000Floating Rate Notes: 225.000.000
SecuritySenior Secured
CouponFixed Notes: 5,25%Floating Rate Notes: Euribor 3m + 5,125%
MaturityFixed Notes & Floating Rate Notes: 15/11/22
ISIN CodeReg S: XS1716821779Reg S: XS1716822231
144A: XS1716821340144A: XS1716821936
Commom codeFixed Notes: Reg S: 171682177Floating Rate Notes: Reg S: 171682223
Fixed Notes: 144A: 171682134Floating Rate Notes: 144A: 171682193
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Haya Real State and the bonds issued on 15 November have received the following rating from the rating agencies:

 RatingOutlookDateHY Bond 2017
Moody´sCorporate:Rating: Caa1Outlook: NegativeDate: 10/02/21Issuances:HY Bond 2017: Caa1
S&PCorporate:Rating: CCC+Outlook: NegativeDate: 10/12/20Issuances:HY Bond 2017: CCC+
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