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Haya Titulización

Securitisation is a technique that enables a set of financial assets to be repackaged as liquid, negotiable instruments with given cash flows, thereby providing a new source of alternative funding.

Haya Titulización is the leading manager in the securitisation market, having launched securitisation issues backed by total assets in excess of €200 billion. Our strategy is based on knowledge, experience and innovation, enabling us to create products and structures that break new ground in the sector.

The range of financial assets that can be securitised is very broad and includes mortgages, consumer loans, credit cards, SME finance and future credit rights (such as royalties or rents, for example).
Haya offers a comprehensive service that includes and expands on the stages involved in the standard securitisation process:

Haya Real Estate - Gestión y comercialización de activos inmobiliarios

Creation and management of the fund

We add value in order to achieve objectives

  • Integrated advice service for the issuer.
  • Portfolio definition and design of the financial and legal structure.
  • Selection and coordination of participating entities.
  • Discussions with rating agencies, regulators, auditors, etc.
  • Coordination of the placement and sales process.
  • Management and administration of the securitisation fund.

Administration of securitised loans

Managed through our core banking system

  • Retail banking operations.
  • Technical cover for a wide range of financial instruments.
  • Collections and payments.
  • Accounting systems.
  • Electronic banking.
  • Fully audited in accordance with Spanish auditing standards.

Management and marketing of REO properties

Managed through a Real Estate Management System

  • Management of assets from possession through to sale.
  • Support for the entire commercial network (intermediaries, offices, suppliers, etc.
  • )
  • Tasks include preparing the asset, overseeing work, invoicing, advertising and managing residents’ associations.
  • CRM that includes for each asset: visits, calls, offers, reservations and sales.
  • Fully integrated with our core banking system.